What does Advisor Automation Consulting deal with:

  • Automate the marketing to sales to the client onboarding process
  • Implemented a Key once data entry – reuse as many times as possible
  • Enable Prospects to self-serve data gathering and appointment setting
  • Multiple methods “kicked off” by your client engagement tool (i.e., PreciseFP), tasks for paperwork, welcome emails, thank you gifts…
Our goal is to automate Advisor practice utilizing key technologies to automate the funnel process of obtaining clients through marketing to conversion into a sale as a long term client.

From marketing to sales

Proven automation leading to increased revenue

Conversion Rate

So...How do you start and what do you need?

  1. A Client Booking form with conditional formatting
  2. Automatic Scheduling Calendar
  3. Marketing CRM
  4. Integration Tool
  5. And Tingom Group to help you with process changes and automation!

What is holding you back?

If you are overwhelmed and want to find out what is possible, schedule an appointment with us!

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